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Meet Coop Wallet, powered by The Coop Network, our business oriented community, designed into a cooperative with open & digital membership. Making investing simple, safe and 100% transparent.

Let's take a closer look to our investments opportunities

Self-sustainable businesses that are already on the market doing their job very well.

Pilot project • Smart tooling warehousing

Scaling a business means creating revenue in the most efficient way possible and we have the solution.

Laser marking robotic cell

An indispensable tool to enhance a business's productivity, precision, and competitiveness.

Launching soon...

Launching soon...

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  •   Vote & get involved in the The Coop Network
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  •   Vote & get involved in the The Coop Network
  •   Invest in The Coop Network businesses
  •   Early access to first investment rounds
  •   Discounted The Coop Network products & services